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Westfield Minibuses prove themselves to be true community champions!

Updated: Jan 16

Once again Westfield Minibuses have proven themselves to be true community champions by providing the means of transporting pupils and donations to the Wellspring in Stockport.

For more than 30 years Harrytown High School has collected for the Wellspring during Advent. During the pandemic the school provided more than 70 hampers for families who were struggling and Westfield stepped in to help deliver these across Stockport.

They did this free of charge and out of a sense of social duty and true community compassion. Once again, this year Westfield generously provided two minibuses to transport more than 30 large boxes of donations to the Wellspring to support their daily efforts for their clients. These donations have been generously provided by families, pupils and members of the extended school community.

Westfield’s support is truly valued and Harrytown High School thanks them once again for their huge generosity in helping bring some small comfort to those in the most need.

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